Worth Reading This Weekend

Articles Worth Reading this Weekend

Here are a few of my favorite posts from around the web this week.

The Problem with the Child-Centered Home :: We’re guilty of being child-centered too often around here. This is a great reminder of why being Jesus-centered is so much more important.

3 Phrases That Show Your Husband Respect {& How to Stop Hubby-Bashing} :: The way Hollywood portrays men drives me batty. I appreciate Karen’s encouragement to stop bashing and focus on appreciating.

Quit Judging Me for Judging You! :: Thank you, Connie. It seems that people feel the need to make excuses for not homeschooling, or whatever it is we do that they don’t do. There’s really no need.

What a Red Dye Sensitivity Means for Our Family :: We’ve been somewhat careful with red dye, but not as vigilant as we probably need to be. I appreciate Mandi pointing out this link in their family, and I’ll be watching for it in ours.

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