Why We Chose Young Living Essential Oils Over Other Brands

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My First Oils

I didn’t start my journey into the world of essential oils by using the Young Living oils that I now love. My first experience with essential oils came a few years ago. I had heard about the amazing benefits of essential oils. I decided it was time for me to check them out for myself. I went straight to Amazon and found a nice-looking, inexpensive set of oils and a diffuser to use them in.

When the oils arrived, I tried them in the diffuser. I also put them on my neck so I could catch the scent while I was going about my day. They smelled okay. Not “Oh wow! I want to lick this out of the bottle!” Just okay. (It’s a good thing I didn’t want to lick the bottle, because those little bottles carried a warning to not ingest the oils!)

While the oils smelled okay, I didn’t experience any of the other benefits I’d been hearing about. I could make my house smell a little better, but that was going to be the extent of what these oils could do for my family. I was disappointed but figured at least I hadn’t wasted money on more expensive oils.

The Push I Needed

Then our young daughter started getting up in the middle of the night. These weren’t just brief wake-ups for a quick trip to the bathroom or for a drink of water. These were middle-of-the-night, fully awake times that usually lasted multiple hours. My husband and I didn’t want her up by herself, so of course one of us stayed up with her.

We took turns sitting up with her, allowing us to each get a somewhat uninterrupted night of sleep every other night. But those nights in between were rough.

The days were rough too. Our productivity levels dropped. Moods were sour. It was not a pleasant season in our home. Something needed to change.

A sweet friend sent me a sample of Lavender oil from a large essential oil company. She hoped it would help our daughter to relax at night. Although it smelled okay, I decided I needed to do some research before using this oil on our daughter’s skin.

I talked to some friends. I gathered as much information as I could find online. And I realized that not all companies pay equal attention to the purity and quality of the oils they sell. My research caused me concern that using oils from the other company could pose a health risk to our daughter.

As I read about people’s experiences with Young Living, and read about Young Living’s commitment to providing quality oils, I found the peace of mind that I needed. I purchased my Young Living starter kit with confidence.

Intro to Essential Oils Class

Why Young Living?

Here are the four main reasons I chose Young Living.

Young Living products work. We’ve had SO many more peaceful nights since we started using Young Living oils. And peaceful nights mean that everyone is well-rested and happier during our days.

In fact, we’re not just using the oils for nighttime. We’ve put them to good use for our overall wellness. Young Living essential oils provide the benefits that I didn’t find with the first two companies I tried.

My investment in Young Living oils has been money well spent.

Young Living is the only company on the market that stands behind their product with a 100% Seed-to-Seal Guarantee. Other companies brag about their oils being sourced (purchased) from plants’ native environments around the world. They offer assurances that their Lavender comes from France and their Frankincense from Oman. But Young Living can say that too… and so much more!

Young Living actually owns farms and operates partner farms around the world. They are growing their very own Lavender in France and working alongside people in Oman to harvest precious Frankincense resin.

This means that Young Living has control over the growing practices on each of their farms. They know where the seeds come from. They ensure that no harmful chemicals have been sprayed on the plants. They practice sustainable farming. They work side-by-side with the farmers, helping better their quality of life.

Other companies, who are buying their oils from brokers, are not present to watch the growing conditions. They are not overseeing the procedures used to distill the oils they sell. They simply can’t match the same excellent quality control that Young Living takes so much pride in.

Young Living gives me the comfort of knowing my oils have been grown, prepared, and packaged by the same company that I’m purchasing them from. That’s the peace of mind of their Seed-to-Seal Guarantee!

(If you want to know more about how most companies get their oils from around the world, watch this eye-opening video created by an oil company that buys from brokers.)

Young Living wants you to know how to properly use your oils. Young Living doesn’t simply provide lip service to sell a product. They provide service that extends far beyond the selling of their oils. They want to help customers know what oils are best for their needs and how to properly use those oils. One way Young Living is doing this is through their new YL University. This is a free online series of classes designed to help members further their knowledge about essential oils.

I’m also part of a Young Living team that offers TONS of education through training webinars, in-home classes, and town hall-type phone meetings. I love that Young Living provides so many opportunities to learn more about oils!

Young Living gives back. Giving is the heart of the company. Founders Gary & Mary Young have a vision for helping people in the countries where the Young Living farms are located. I loved seeing the pictures shared by friends who visited the Young Living Academy in Ecuador. This school, founded by the D Gary Young Foundation, educates over 200 students in grades PreK-11. The students are given clothes to wear, food to eat, and even goat’s milk to take home with them. This is just one example of the giving spirit of Young Living.

How Do You Buy Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living has several options for getting started. You can simply purchase oils at retail prices. For some people, that works, but that can get a bit pricey after a while.

That’s why our family buys Young Living oils wholesale. For us, becoming wholesale members was like buying a Sam’s Club or Costco membership. Except that we received something of much greater value than a membership card! We got our essential oils starter kit, and ever since have enjoyed great discounts on the oils we purchase. Plus we enjoy other membership opportunities that help us get the most benefit possible from our oils.

As you can tell, my experience with essential oils became very positive once I came home to Young Living Essential Oils. If you are interested in essential oils, I believe you will also love Young Living. 

Want to learn more? Click here for additional details about the Young Living experience and the benefits of becoming a Young Living member. Please contact me if you have questions. I’d love to help you get started with your own essential oil adventure.

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