Menu Plan Monday: Whole30 Wrap-Up & Snack Ideas

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Today is Day 30 of our Whole30 challenge. Yay! It’s been quite an experience. We’ll be slowly adding foods back in to see if any trigger problems. We’re starting with dairy tomorrow. (So homemade vanilla ice cream for breakfast would be a bad thing??)

We’ll definitely be keeping many of the new eating habits we established over these 30 days. In fact, there are foods in our cupboards that I’m going to be getting rid of. Now that I see how good I feel from eating real food, I don’t know that I can go back to the processed way of life.

Whole30 Snacks

One of the biggest changes for us has been our snacking. Instead of grabbing a handful of pretzels when the munchies strike, we’ve had to think more about our snacks. Here are some of our favorite snacks from our Whole30 experience:

Hard-boiled eggs
Homemade laraballs
Banana bread muffins
Apple muffins
Celery and almond butter
Real fruit leather
Apples with almond butter
Banana ‘ice cream’
Kale chips
Chiquita Super Crunchy Fruit Chips

Feel free to share your Whole30-friendly snack ideas and links in the comments. We’re probably going to be taking most of our snack ideas from this list in the future.

The Menu Plan

Here’s what’s on our menu this week.

:: Breakfasts ::

Eggs, sausage, warm cinnamon apples
Banana muffins, sausage, kiwi
Eggs, sweet potato hash browns, strawberries
Green smoothies, hard-boiled eggs
Breakfast pumpkin pudding (adding 2 eggs to this recipe), sausage
Plantain pancakes, blackberries

:: Lunches ::

Cauliflower pizza
Hot dogs with chili sauce, veggie tray
Chicken taco salad topped with homemade guacamole
Stir fried chicken and veggies sprinkled with taco seasoning & topped with homemade guacamole

:: Dinners ::

Meatloafmashed ‘faux’tatoes, sweet potato fries
Broiled chicken with homemade marinara sauce, side salads
Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers, fruit bowl
Skillet pork chops, baked sweet potatoes, oven-roasted veggies
Braised beef with fire-roasted tomatoes, steamed broccoli
Broiled fish, sweet potato hash browns,

If you’re looking for some general menu planning inspiration, stop by Menu Plan Monday hosted by I’m an Organizing Junkie.

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  1. Cathy says

    Congratulations! Your family is an inspiration for me to strive better at at healthier food options. Thanks for sharing your journey and recipes .

  2. Amber says

    I was just looking into snack ideas for the Whole 30 my hubs and I are doing, currently on day 12! Just noticed that you had muffins on the list, and those are not Whole 30 compliant- NO baked goods! Just didn’t want others to get confused when they see that. Thanks for the other ideas!

    • says

      The muffins do use Whole30 ingredients. It just depends on how strictly you’re doing the Whole30. If you’re looking for food sensitivities (which we were) then they work. If you’re doing it to kick sugar cravings, then avoid the baked goods.

  3. Heather says

    On the yummy looking blueberry parfait- Did you use canned coconut or the carton coconut milk? thanks!